Medical Tourism

Health Tourism relates to health prevention, maintenance, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation using modern medical, or natural methods while combining rest, relaxation and recreation.

Holidays for all! 

The basic idea comprises of the individual’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional rejuvenation away from the daily routine in a beautiful relaxing environment. Suitable for families, for people with disabilities and for all travelers with special needs, whether they are traveling alone or with another person or with a group.

The traveler wants to know his/her destination.

KALAMATA: The legendary town of Kalamata is the capital of Messinia with the largest port in the prefecture. Kalamata is known for its traditional Kalamatiano dance and the silk kerchief. Before it lies the crystal clear sea and behind it Mt. Taygetos, one of the country’s most imposing mountains with its rich forests and romantic paths, which is ideal for walks. A pageantry and challenge for during the summer or winter.
Kalamata has a archaeological and folklore museum, contemporary art gallery and a library comprising of 60,000 volumes. The gallery and the library are housed in the Municipal Cultural Center. The interior the castle has an amphitheater which hosts concerts, theatrical performances and other events in the summer with the leading event being the Kalamata International Dance Festival.
Kalamata is second to none, in fact it is famous for its nightlife, the quality and great choices it offers. In the evenings, the city comes alive, both on the beach and along the marina and in the historical center, which have a wide range of restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, nightclubs. Upon leaving Kalamata visitors should not forget to buy silk kerchiefs and olive oil, which the area is famous for.

Benakio Archaeological Museum of Kalamata: The Benakio Archaeological Museum is housed in a Venetian-style mansion, one of the most remarkable buildings in Kalamata’s historical center, which was built during the Turkish occupation in 1742 and was associated with significant historical events of that time. The rich collection of antiquities from various locations of Messinia covers the period from the Bronze Age to the Roman Period.

Folklore Museum of Kalamata: The Folklore Museum with its heirlooms from the revolutionary period, Venetian items and more is located in Kalamata’s historical center and is housed in the building that once belonged to the Kyriakou family.

The Town Hall, the Gallery of Contemporary Greek Art, with paintings, sculptures and engravings; the Benakio Archaeological Museum with finds that are dated from the Bronze Age to the Roman period; the Folklore and Historical Museum with traditional items, local costumes and heirlooms from Greek Revolution of 1821, the municipal theater and the Railway Park where old railway engines and carriages are exhibited.

The centrally-located Vasileos Georgiou Square is a famous place for residents and visitors to meet and promenade. This is the starting point of the Aristomenous Street pedestrian strip, where you will find many shops and cafes. To the west of the square is the district around the picturesque railway station, which comprises of a network of walkways, small cafe – bars and taverns.

Sfaktiria, the oblong-shaped island to the west of Navarino Bay, is home to the monument for the Greeks who were killed in the battle of Sfaktiria (April 26, 1825), the tomb of philhellene Prince Paul Marie Bonaparte (Napoleon’s nephew), the monument the philhellene Santarosa, the monument of Russian sailors that fell in the Battle of Navarino and the chapel of the Ascension (Panagoula).

Gialova, Just a short distance from Pylos is a picturesque coastal village, built in Navarino Bay. The wider area of ​​Gialova with its rich flora and fauna is a significant wetland of the Peloponnese. The Gialova lagoon (Divari), a wetland with rare flora and fauna, and the bay of Voidokilia, with its sand dunes and turquoise waters, are areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Why does Diaplasis differ

  • Diaplasis Values


    At Diaplasis we believe that people with mobility problems should be given the opportunity to regain their utmost independence and have the best quality of life. Diaplasis believes that high quality rehabilitation remains its primary goal.


    At Diaplasis we are all committed to providing our patients continuous high services with love and affection at all times.


    At Diaplasis we are all dedicated to a common goal, to providing the best rehabilitation to each of our patients.


    At Diaplasis we are all one loving family. When a new member (patient) is added, he/she will immediately feel surrounded by warmth, caring, interest and love. Not only for as long as he/she is with us, but forever.

  • Patient Experiences

    Through their efforts and special personalized rehabilitation treatments, the patients at Diaplasis have managed to reach their goal and they now raise the bar for their independence even higher.

    Their inner strength gives us the courage to continue our work; Life’s work.

  • Points that differentiate Diaplasis

    It has the most specialized scientific rehabilitation team

    All its therapeutic services are entirely anthropocentric

    It has the most modern and complete medical – rehabilitative equipment

    It is housed in the most modern and functionally designed infrastructures

    It follows and designs the most modern therapeutic methods

    It is stands by its fellow man forever, even after hospitalization

    All its functions are ISO certified (feeding according to HACCP)

    It achieves maximum recovery in the shortest possible time

    The patient is a member

Benefits, in selecting Diaplasis

  • First benefit

    Recovery from injury or illness, implementation of treatment to recover proper function and mobility of the body.

  • Second benefit

    Excellent care and support by qualified physicians and staff to hospitalized patients

  • Third benefit

    Patients are able to accomplish individualized rehabilitation programs, achieving the maximum result.