Gait Analysis – Foot Pressure Measurement

With the assistance of computer software and special pressure detectors the foot pressure measurement evaluates gait quality and pinpoints incorrect load points in order to later suggest a personalized solution by way of an orthotic.
The foot pressure measurement is an examination that collects information on the anatomic morphology of the foot (flat foot, cavus foot, varus forefoot, etc.) and the pressure applied to the feet when walking (in the case of an athlete his/her running and jumping are also evaluated) or standing.
The data from the measurements is sent to the computer software, which analyzes them and compares them with normal values (norms). The information is evaluated in collaboration with the referring physician and if it is deemed necessary, the patient is recommended to place special orthotic insoles in his/her shoes, which are manufactured solely for the patient based on the foot pressure measurement results.

Indications for performing the foot pressure measurement are:

  • Patients with Leg length discrepancies (shortening)
  • Diabetic patients or postoperative diabetic foot
  • High-arched foot (cavus foot)
  • Flat feet
  • Heel spur and dilated plantar fascia
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Calluses
  • Sports Injuries

The foot pressure measurement in each patient will help in choosing the appropriate orthotic insoles with a view  to increasing performance.

Why does Diaplasis differ

  • Diaplasis Values


    At Diaplasis we believe that people with mobility problems should be given the opportunity to regain their utmost independence and have the best quality of life. Diaplasis believes that high quality rehabilitation remains its primary goal.


    At Diaplasis we are all committed to providing our patients continuous high services with love and affection at all times.


    At Diaplasis we are all dedicated to a common goal, to providing the best rehabilitation to each of our patients.


    At Diaplasis we are all one loving family. When a new member (patient) is added, he/she will immediately feel surrounded by warmth, caring, interest and love. Not only for as long as he/she is with us, but forever.

  • Patient Experiences

    Through their efforts and special personalized rehabilitation treatments, the patients at Diaplasis have managed to reach their goal and they now raise the bar for their independence even higher.

    Their inner strength gives us the courage to continue our work; Life’s work.

  • Points that differentiate Diaplasis

    It has the most specialized scientific rehabilitation team

    All its therapeutic services are entirely anthropocentric

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    It follows and designs the most modern therapeutic methods

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    All its functions are ISO certified (feeding according to HACCP)

    It achieves maximum recovery in the shortest possible time

    The patient is a member

Benefits, in selecting Diaplasis

  • First benefit

    Recovery from injury or illness, implementation of treatment to recover proper function and mobility of the body.

  • Second benefit

    Excellent care and support by qualified physicians and staff to hospitalized patients

  • Third benefit

    Patients are able to accomplish individualized rehabilitation programs, achieving the maximum result.